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COG Matching - Find New Friends Here!

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Welcome to a dating site for members of the Church of God!

The purpose of COG Matching is to be a listing of members in dedicated dating site format with photo profiles, where you can search by age, gender and location. After joining, you can customize your profile with photos of yourself and things you like, and fill out various essay questions.

If you are in the Church of God, following Christ in seeking the Kingdom of God, striving to follow God's commandments, and observing the seventh day Sabbath and Biblical holy days, please join us!

The sign up form will ask you to verify your Church affiliation. There are several ways to do this; among the easiest are to provide a link to your profile on a Church website, give the name of a Facebook COG discussion group that lists you as a member, or share your Facebook profile with mutual friends visible. Put that information into the "Membership Verification" box when you sign up. You could also snap a photo of your name on the address label of a piece of incoming literature from any Church of God group and mail it to admin at this site dot com.
This site will be more fun if lots of people join, so please share the link with your friends!