Information, Tips, FAQ and Site News

Hello! Thanks for checking out COG Matching, a dating site set up exclusively for Church of God members.

The site is completely free. It's built on a popular "dating site" system but with all the tiers, credits, etc removed.

This site is not meant to replace all the wonderful internet discussion forums that already exist. The only thing lacking with those was a convenient, searchable listing, with photo profiles, for single adults to meet up with each other.

You can customize your profile with photos of yourself and things you like, and fill out essay questions. When you first sign up there's only a short profile, and then the rest the choices and questions are under "Edit Profile".

It's not matchmaking in the old-fashioned sense of the word. You still have to do the searching yourself. The site helps by limiting the search by gender, distance and age.

You do have to be affiliated with the Church of God to join. Easiest ways to verify are to provide a link to your profile on an official Church website, a Facebook COG discussion group or singles site that lists you as a member, or the recommendation of someone already on the site.

The site will be more fun if lots of people join, so please share the link with your friends!